The Collaborative Quartet

Two duos of performing artists commingle their practice to explore new environments and create strange, liminal spaces.

pachycondyla villosa

Galiana/Nikolchev: the chimera of source material formed to circumvent intangible obstacles by integrating performance, writing, photography, travel, and eating.  Musical accompaniment by David Erich Elsenbroich.

organ music

A multimedia performance group founded in 2003 by Samuel Partal and Damien Kardokas-Johanson. Utilizing music, photographic projection, and sculptural installation, they create immersive artworks which the group have likened, enigmatically, to “rituals of initiation.”  Tonight’s performance presented by the “organ music ad hoc committee” featuring David Erich Elsenbroich and Samuel Partal.

Temple Ad Hoc.   1218 1/2 Temple St.


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