Chronovision Video Art Showcase: July 21st

The Chronovisor was a theoretical time-travel device alleged to have existed in the 1920s, able to view the past and events yet to come. Chronovision Video Showcase is an essay on the high emprise of experimental film: archaic methods mixed with new technology, the brave exploration of the infinite possibilities and permutations that exist in the linear unfolding of time. Each piece pushes the boundaries of film and video itself, using anachronistic combinations of ancient mixers found footage, modern scanners- even fruit and human hair, the works fold the very time and space these technologies are meant to capture back in upon themselves. Featuring multimedia performances by Kyle Swick and Elaine Carey. A mixture of performance, installation, print and projection. Curated by multimedia artist and consummate time-traveler, Carrie Schreck.

Open Bar, 21+


Performace by:

Elaine Carey “Unus Mudus” is a live, cassette tape-based sound assembly piece and installation by Los Angeles-based artist/performer and ametuer metaphysicist, Elaine Carey. Using manipulated, abstracted magnetic tape to create a sensory environment, Carey seeks to explore the relationship between the physical properties of stimuli and our psychological perceptions of them. In pairing the harmonious and familiar with the chaotic and disjointed, modern digital with obsolete analog technologies, the subjective, active experience of the creation of this work with the objective, passive experience of an audience, asking them to coexist and to interact, Carey aims to suggest that as part of the same reality, they are ultimately one.

Works by:

Clover Oak, William Sabiston, Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Drone Dungeon, & Miko Revereza


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