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Picture 260

Musical Performance by Morgan Gee

The End of Summer.

Temple Ad Hoc is a localization of transience, a space designed to facilitate emergence while itself passing into nullity, courting extinction. Like the swan we celebrate the seductive poignancy of death with an ambivalent song…

Formed not as a commercial enterprise but as an extended curatorial project and an experiment in planned obsolescence, Temple Ad Hoc 2012 had programming that emphasized the under-represented and unknown, from international performance art group Matej Mateka to local artists.  The space was created for the engagement of the ephemeral, for the acknowledgement of those moments of emergence when an artwork is introduced into the world like a nascent prayer.  We have on offer some work of our own, as well as a group of sophisticated young artists celebrating the death drive, the over-fullness of absence, and the dignity of suicide.

One night only, August 31st   8pm-midnight  1218 temple st

Works by:
Brian Overend
Carrie Schreck
Samuel Partal
Charles Mallison
Joseph Segura
John Isaac Waters

Curated by Samuel Partal




“Glossolalia is the fluid vocalizing of speech-like syllables which lack any readily comprehended meaning, in some cases, as part of religious practice.”

– Dictionary Of Psychology. Edited by Andrew M. Colman. Oxford University Press 2009.

Abstract language, improvised speech. A speech that eschews representation and reference entirely, not describing the world but performing it.
The artists exhibited have developed their own personal languages for engaging with and reciting their worlds, with a common interest in what lies beyond, below, and within the representative surface. Greg Paulson’s enigmatic bronzes draw on theories of modern physics, referencing the granular folding of space and time itself at the most basic level of material existence, while Damo Kardokas’ small scale acrylic and floc paintings commingle surface and materiality, using texture and color to explore his own ideas of light and space. Michael Monat Jacobs uses infrared video surveillance cameras to capture recursive feedback loops which resemble the images of early radio telescopes made manic in a heightened state of flux. And Joseph Kearcher’s austere and stunning photographs evoke ancient landscapes, perhaps other worlds entirely, confounding linear notions of time, space, and reference anew.

Glossolalia will run from August 10th to 17th.

Opening Reception August 10th, 8pm-midnight.

Works by:

Damo Kardokas
Joseph Kaercher
Michael Monat Jacobs
Greg Paulson
Curated by Samuel Partal

Chronovision Closing Show feat. Sonny////Josh

Le Temple Du Soleil

Currently Showing
Chronovision Video Art Showcase

Musical Performances by
sonny ///// josh
Allowing and accepting the integration of machines into life is paramount- we have done just that- fusing ambient/droning and sedimentary foundations, this piece is living, breathing, performing and ever evolving- just as we are.”

Sonny and Josh are performing on analog modular synthesizers using a vintage analog mixer and vintage tape delays and spring reverbs.  Josh’s set-up is compiled of custom sound-sculpting modules and abstract noise and drone machines.  Sonny’s is a more traditional approach to synthesis, based off of the Bob Moog theory theory of subtractive synthesis.  The undesired timbres and qualities of sounds are removed by filtering them out.  Synthesizers will be fed in and out of each other so that we may use the analog effects on the music as we’re making it.  There will be no computers, no gimmicks, and no outside ‘controlling’ of the hardware.