Chronovision Closing Show feat. Sonny////Josh

Le Temple Du Soleil

Currently Showing
Chronovision Video Art Showcase

Musical Performances by
sonny ///// josh
Allowing and accepting the integration of machines into life is paramount- we have done just that- fusing ambient/droning and sedimentary foundations, this piece is living, breathing, performing and ever evolving- just as we are.”

Sonny and Josh are performing on analog modular synthesizers using a vintage analog mixer and vintage tape delays and spring reverbs.  Josh’s set-up is compiled of custom sound-sculpting modules and abstract noise and drone machines.  Sonny’s is a more traditional approach to synthesis, based off of the Bob Moog theory theory of subtractive synthesis.  The undesired timbres and qualities of sounds are removed by filtering them out.  Synthesizers will be fed in and out of each other so that we may use the analog effects on the music as we’re making it.  There will be no computers, no gimmicks, and no outside ‘controlling’ of the hardware.


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