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Rewiring The Real


“Corresponding to the primitive right of Anthropophagy, the eating of human flesh, is the philosophical rite of Cosmophagy, the eating of the world” ~Susan Sontag

Temple Ad Hoc is pleased to Announce REWIRING THE REAL
a one day only group exhibition curated by Samuel Partal

October 13 2-6pm 519 Santa Clara ave Venice CA

Works by:
James Dean
Lina Pin Janusas
Damien Kardokas Johanson
Samuel Partal
Carrie Schreck


James Dean, was born in Chicago, Illinois and received a BFA in sculpture from Northern Illinois University. He works in various media mainly focusing in sculpture, installation & photography. While maintaining his studio practice in Venice Beach, CA. he has also a developed a career a set designer collaborating with numerous internationally recognized photographers including Rankin, Tierney Gearon, David LaChapelle & Mark Seliger.

Lina Pin Janusas is a Los Angeles born, New York based painter and sculptor. She received her BFA from University of California, Berkeley (2008). Her work has been shown at 4N5 in San Francisco, Diego Rivera Gallery in San Francisco, and The Brewery Art Colony in Los Angeles.

Damien Johanson received a Bachelors degree in Philosophy as well as a BFA in studio art from the University of California Berkeley (2008) His painting, printmaking and multimedia work has been exhibited by Under The Table Gallery in San Francisco, Balazo Gallery in San Francisco, Sancho Gallery in Los Angeles, and Temple Ad Hoc. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area

Samuel Partal is a los angeles based visual artist and a co-founder and co-director of Temple Ad Hoc. His work has been exhibited by R&R Gallery in Los Angeles, Sancho Gallery in Los Angeles, the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts forum, and was a featured artist at the ReVISIONS of LA workshop series at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions).

Carrie Schreck is a Los Angeles based filmmaker, painter, and multimedia arist, and a co-founder and co-director of Temple Ad Hoc. She studied photography and filmmaking at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Her work has been exhibited at Sancho Gallery in Los Angeles, Echo Curio in Los Angeles, R&R Gallery in Los Angeles, and the Magmart Video Art Festival in Naples Italy.


Twisted Together

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 1.31.23 AM
Please join Temple Ad Hoc on a rooftop patio downtown for two musical performances.
Friday, August 30th 2013, 8-11pm
675 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles, 90021
Performing first at 8pm; “Earth Like Planets” is a blend of psychedelia, new wave and indie rock whose songs ponder the effects of science and knowledge on consciousness, performed by Los Angles based artist Brian Cooper.  The second performance of the evening will be Christina Stanley, a Bay area violinist, composer and vocalist performing her newest graphic score ‘Blob’ with 7 Los Angeles based musicians as well as exhibiting four of her other graphic scores.
more information on the performers below;
“Earth Like Planets” grew out of Brian Cooper’s work as painter and sculptor. His songs fuse online lectures about philosophy, consciousness, and the cognitive sciences with the emotional and visceral directness of popular music. Each song is written about a specific lecture. Performances are accompanied by video and occasionally include short power point lectures containing original artworks.
“Twisted Together” is an exhibition of five graphic scores conceived and painted by composer, violinist and vocalist Christina Stanley. Four of the works, Put it On, Flora, Mirror Scratched and Dissolution, will be displayed alongside detailed written instructions and accompanied by recordings of the works, which have been previously performed and recorded in the Bay Area by Stanley and various musicians. The fifth and newest work, Blob, will be interpreted and performed live at the Temple Ad Hoc Gallery by Stanley and various LA based musicians.
These works, created over the last three years, are inspired by physical properties of sounds, musical form, sacred geometry and city structures. Performers navigate through these scores like maps, often with detailed directions, sometimes with just visual cues, but always in the spirit of exploration and sonic discovery.
Christina Stanley is a bay area based violinist, composer and vocalist who holds an MFA in Music Performance and Literature from Mills College, where she studied violin with David Abel and composition and improvisation with Fred Frith and Roscoe Mitchell and won the Margaret Lyon prize for excellence in music. She also holds a BM from San Francisco State University where she received a full performance scholarship and studied violin with Daniel Kobialka, Jassen Toderov and the Alexander String Quartet. She is currently an active performing violinist, vocalist, improviser composer and teacher, working as a solo artist as well as a member of various ensembles. She has been a featured performer for the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival at SF MOMA and has premiered works by Roscoe Mitchell under conductor Petr Kotik. Her original painted graphic scores have been featured at the Outsound New Music Summit in San Francisco. She is passionate about working with living composers and composing new music.
this event was curated by elana melissa hill

A Case of the Afternoon Mimosa


A bronze cloud, a stone, a picnic, something he stole, & a very clever girl.

Anna Bruinsma

Kari Alison Hodge

Jonathon Hornedo

Jason Metcalf

Adriana Ramić


Friday July 26

8-10 pm

5406 Monte Vista, Los Angeles CA 90042

Anna Bruinsma (b.1985) is currently an MFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2015) and received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute (2009).

Kari Alison Hodge (b.1985) received her Ph.D in Physics from CalTech (2013), and her undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Southern California (2007).

Jonathon Hornedo (b.1982) received his BFA from UCLA (2010), and his solo show “Canvas Panels Part II” was Critic’s Choice in the Los Angeles Times (Pagel, 8/2012).

Jason Metcalf (b.1984) attended the Mountain School of Arts (2013), and holds a BFA from Brigham Young University (2011). His solo exhibitions have been at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and the Central Utah Art Center.

Adriana Ramić (b.1989) earned her BFA at UCSD (2011). Her work has been featured in Juxtapoz and exhibited at Stadium (NY) and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver (CO).

Three Or Four


Sunday, July 7th 2013 *ONLY!

1-4 pm

734 San Julian St. 2ND FLOOR

Los Angles, CA. 90014


THREE or FOUR is a one day only group show of Los Angeles based artists, curated by elana melissa hill at Temple Ad Hoc.

Hadley Holliday was born in Kansas City and currently lives in Los Angeles where she received her MFA from Cal Arts in 2004. Her paintings explore a collision of geometric abstraction, ritual experimentation, broken systems, forgotten rules, mistakes and play. Holliday’s work has been exhibited internationally. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo show at Taylor de Cordoba Gallery and a curatorial project at the Fellows of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Casey Kauffmann was born and raised in Los Angeles. She lives and works in Los Angeles today and received her BA from the Evergreen State College in Washington State. Casey Kauffmann’s work is a direct reflection of the time and environment in which she lives. If it seems like it’s shallow that’s because it is. She seeks to uproot pop culture imagery from its source to re-contextualize it in a space where it’s deeper implications can be investigated. Casey strives, not to elevate nor augment these signifiers, but to present them in their true form. Contemporary pop culture and the representation of women reflect a shallow elementary portrayal of the complexity of human emotion and conflict therefore the work imparts the literal, shallow and immediate nature of visual culture in our time. Kauffmann’s work is often executed with traditional techniques and materials combined with low craft based and markedly feminine materials such as scrap booking paper and make-up. This process reflects the work’s heavy reliance on tension between low/high, real/performative, fascination/disgust, and acceptable/unacceptable behavior within female embodiment.

Molly Larkey lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Larkey received a MFA from Rutgers University, New Jersey, and a BA from Columbia University, New York. In her new work, Larkey investigates the boundaries of language within a context of abstract painting, sculpture, and drawing. By hinting at a presence of language that never quite comes into being, she provides a slippage between looking and reading and questions how one sees (or reads) an object. The paintings incorporate ceramic shapes and fabric on their surfaces, creating tension between flatness and volume, painted gesture and blocks of color, and symbolic language and the rawness of the materials. What seems at first glance to be a straightforward painted surface reveals itself to be layers of canvas, ceramics, and paint. Using these different materials and techniques to extract both solid forms and subtle gestures, the paintings confuse negative and positive space and yield lyrical shifts between the covering and the covered up. Larkey’s work has been featured in exhibitions at PS1 MoMA, New York; The Saatchi Gallery, London; The Drawing Center, New York; Horton Gallery, New York; Ochi Gallery, Ketchum; Samson Projects, Boston; and Bobbie Greenfield Gallery, Santa Monica among others.

Jay Stuckey is a Los Angeles based artist. He graduated from Brown University, Phi Beta Kappa with Magna Cum Laude honors, and received his graduate degree in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is represented by Anat Ebgi in Los Angeles. Stuckey’s paintings deal with dreams and visions. His work is in numerous private and institutional collections including Sprint Telecommunications and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

. . .And, We’re Back

TEMPLE AD HOC RETURNS next Sunday with the first show of our new season, “Three or Four” curated by elana melissa hill.

In 2012 the Temple manifested itself for four months in a pop-up gallery space south of Angeleno Heights. The initial impetus was a temporary space for curatorial experimentation…

In 2013 we have transcended physical form, our programming taking hold of the host bodies of many and various galleries and alternative spaces throughout the city of Los Angeles. We are very excited for all that is to come, as we imagine, must you be. Stay vigilant! And await further instructions.

Come celebrate resurrection and transfiguration on Sunday, July 7th




Picture 260

Musical Performance by Morgan Gee

The End of Summer.

Temple Ad Hoc is a localization of transience, a space designed to facilitate emergence while itself passing into nullity, courting extinction. Like the swan we celebrate the seductive poignancy of death with an ambivalent song…

Formed not as a commercial enterprise but as an extended curatorial project and an experiment in planned obsolescence, Temple Ad Hoc 2012 had programming that emphasized the under-represented and unknown, from international performance art group Matej Mateka to local artists.  The space was created for the engagement of the ephemeral, for the acknowledgement of those moments of emergence when an artwork is introduced into the world like a nascent prayer.  We have on offer some work of our own, as well as a group of sophisticated young artists celebrating the death drive, the over-fullness of absence, and the dignity of suicide.

One night only, August 31st   8pm-midnight  1218 temple st

Works by:
Brian Overend
Carrie Schreck
Samuel Partal
Charles Mallison
Joseph Segura
John Isaac Waters

Curated by Samuel Partal



“Glossolalia is the fluid vocalizing of speech-like syllables which lack any readily comprehended meaning, in some cases, as part of religious practice.”

– Dictionary Of Psychology. Edited by Andrew M. Colman. Oxford University Press 2009.

Abstract language, improvised speech. A speech that eschews representation and reference entirely, not describing the world but performing it.
The artists exhibited have developed their own personal languages for engaging with and reciting their worlds, with a common interest in what lies beyond, below, and within the representative surface. Greg Paulson’s enigmatic bronzes draw on theories of modern physics, referencing the granular folding of space and time itself at the most basic level of material existence, while Damo Kardokas’ small scale acrylic and floc paintings commingle surface and materiality, using texture and color to explore his own ideas of light and space. Michael Monat Jacobs uses infrared video surveillance cameras to capture recursive feedback loops which resemble the images of early radio telescopes made manic in a heightened state of flux. And Joseph Kearcher’s austere and stunning photographs evoke ancient landscapes, perhaps other worlds entirely, confounding linear notions of time, space, and reference anew.

Glossolalia will run from August 10th to 17th.

Opening Reception August 10th, 8pm-midnight.

Works by:

Damo Kardokas
Joseph Kaercher
Michael Monat Jacobs
Greg Paulson
Curated by Samuel Partal

Chronovision Closing Show feat. Sonny////Josh

Le Temple Du Soleil

Currently Showing
Chronovision Video Art Showcase

Musical Performances by
sonny ///// josh
Allowing and accepting the integration of machines into life is paramount- we have done just that- fusing ambient/droning and sedimentary foundations, this piece is living, breathing, performing and ever evolving- just as we are.”

Sonny and Josh are performing on analog modular synthesizers using a vintage analog mixer and vintage tape delays and spring reverbs.  Josh’s set-up is compiled of custom sound-sculpting modules and abstract noise and drone machines.  Sonny’s is a more traditional approach to synthesis, based off of the Bob Moog theory theory of subtractive synthesis.  The undesired timbres and qualities of sounds are removed by filtering them out.  Synthesizers will be fed in and out of each other so that we may use the analog effects on the music as we’re making it.  There will be no computers, no gimmicks, and no outside ‘controlling’ of the hardware.

Chronovision Video Art Showcase: July 21st

The Chronovisor was a theoretical time-travel device alleged to have existed in the 1920s, able to view the past and events yet to come. Chronovision Video Showcase is an essay on the high emprise of experimental film: archaic methods mixed with new technology, the brave exploration of the infinite possibilities and permutations that exist in the linear unfolding of time. Each piece pushes the boundaries of film and video itself, using anachronistic combinations of ancient mixers found footage, modern scanners- even fruit and human hair, the works fold the very time and space these technologies are meant to capture back in upon themselves. Featuring multimedia performances by Kyle Swick and Elaine Carey. A mixture of performance, installation, print and projection. Curated by multimedia artist and consummate time-traveler, Carrie Schreck.

Open Bar, 21+


Performace by:

Elaine Carey “Unus Mudus” is a live, cassette tape-based sound assembly piece and installation by Los Angeles-based artist/performer and ametuer metaphysicist, Elaine Carey. Using manipulated, abstracted magnetic tape to create a sensory environment, Carey seeks to explore the relationship between the physical properties of stimuli and our psychological perceptions of them. In pairing the harmonious and familiar with the chaotic and disjointed, modern digital with obsolete analog technologies, the subjective, active experience of the creation of this work with the objective, passive experience of an audience, asking them to coexist and to interact, Carey aims to suggest that as part of the same reality, they are ultimately one.

Works by:

Clover Oak, William Sabiston, Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Drone Dungeon, & Miko Revereza

TEMPLE DU SOLEIL Performance: July 18 2012



Currently showing
HEAP curated by Elana Melissa Hill

Performances by-
Emily Reo and Little Spoon perform at Temple Ad Hoc on Wednesday July 18. Doors at 8, music at 9.

Check them out:

this is a free event, 21+

HEAP July 13th


Curated by Elana Melissa Hill

Opening reception: July 13th 8 pm-12 am


Laurel Frank
Kyla Hansen
Nicolas Shake

A heap of garbage in the desert, a pile of props backstage, a collection of curious things in an abandoned house. Each object has a history and conceptual weight of it’s own, with infinite potential for creation of narrative as it is appropriated, re-contextualized and manipulated.

Laurel Frank, Kyla Hansen and Nicolas Shake search for places where the real and fake overlap.  They look for where memory, nostalgia and context allow the meaning of every-day objects to shift and grow. They glean treasures and absurd objects that have been de-valued or discarded and transform them with lights, glitter and humor into strange and fascinating sculptures.

Nicolas Shake’s sculptures are site-specific and temporary so he photographs them out in the desert where they are created. In the studio he creates photographs and paintings that immortalize these ephemeral arrangements as the original sculpture bakes and falls back apart.

Kyla Hansen is also drawn to the wasteland between agglomerations as areas rich with nostalgic ties to western films and country music as well as a kind of vision of an apocalyptic post-industrial landscape. Theatricality in Hansen’s work is crucial as she says it “… creates open spaces of possibility, in which objects may be experienced untethered to conventional contexts.”

The importance of theatrical narratives is prevalent in Laurel Frank’s work as well, as she uses every-day prop shop materials like cardboard and glue to make strange and clever objects covered with foil and glitter, full of flaws and finger prints as a record of the labor that went into making them. Frank’s work uses these ‘fake’ materials, transforming them, breathing life into the simple materials associated with theatrical grandeur as well as queerness.

Laurel Frank, Kyla Hansen, and Nicolas Shake each search for objects heavy with meaning as cultural signifiers and manipulate those pieces to both embellish and challenge pre-existing associations through humor and whimsical play. This exhibition is meant to catalyze an expansive discussion between the work of these three artists.


For more information:


The Collaborative Quartet

Two duos of performing artists commingle their practice to explore new environments and create strange, liminal spaces.

pachycondyla villosa

Galiana/Nikolchev: the chimera of source material formed to circumvent intangible obstacles by integrating performance, writing, photography, travel, and eating.  Musical accompaniment by David Erich Elsenbroich.

organ music

A multimedia performance group founded in 2003 by Samuel Partal and Damien Kardokas-Johanson. Utilizing music, photographic projection, and sculptural installation, they create immersive artworks which the group have likened, enigmatically, to “rituals of initiation.”  Tonight’s performance presented by the “organ music ad hoc committee” featuring David Erich Elsenbroich and Samuel Partal.

Temple Ad Hoc.   1218 1/2 Temple St.


Friday, May 18th

Breaking her in the right way.

Samuel Partal

Carrie Schreck

Anna Bruinsma

Clover Oak

Brian Overend

Darija Varnaite

Tyler Harrison

Lina Janusas

Damien Kardokas Johanson

Jason Chaney

Performance by: IC1011